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I'm trying to sign up but the application says my email address or phone number is already in use. Why is this happening?

Someone has already created a profile in the application that includes your phone number and/or email address. Please check with members of your household or your relatives to see if they have added you to their account as a courtesy. If you'd like to maintain your own account, ask the person who entered your contact details to delete the information and you'll be able to create your own account.

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Collection Notice

By signing up for alert notification service, I understand that automated phone calls will be utilized and I am giving express consent to contact me on any of the devices I am registering.

Your personal information will not be shared or distributed and will be used solely for the purpose of providing alert notifications by Connect Rocket. Applicable State Public Records Laws may apply to information provided.  Neither the owner of this website, nor any of its agencies and affiliates, or their employees, makes any warrant, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information provided by submittal of this form.

By accepting the Terms of Use, I acknowledge that I understand that the self-registration form is used for registering VoIP and Wireless telephone numbers, email address and corresponding physical addresses, only. This does not make any changes to 9-1-1 data if I enter a landline telephone number on this site.  I am solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of my Contact Data.  I will only register Contact Data for another person if I have that person's express permission.

Terms and Conditions

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